Wednesday, 22 November 2017

More Colourwork!

Not quite done the colourwork.  I think I have 4 rows to go.  I could have finished it, but though I am knitting a fair bit, in every way, I am letting my hand dictate how long.  It is so much better, but I don't want to injure it again because I am not listening to it.

I love the way this is working out.  The Mule Spinner is adding just the right lofty oomph to beef up the Felcitys warm factor.  It poufs out quite perfectly against the much more subdued dark gray.

In a weird way, the colourwork knitting might be very good for my hand.  The motions are not nearly as repetitive as plain knitting.  I vary positions of fingers and hand far more often as I move around.

Which brought to mind another sweater I started and then put down.

I bought the book and yarn for the Rams Horn Cardigan a while ago at Prairie Lily Knitting in Saskatoon.  I started but it was slow going.  I put it into hibernation as I prepared to move and get settled here.  It's been on needles since October last year!  I never meant it to sit that long.


and knitting.  One of the reasons it sat was a fear of knitting bottom up.  I've done this before.  I have no idea why it is making me feel so hesitant right now, but it surely is.  I debated restarting from the top down, but you know what.  I think I will stick with what I have.  Knitting from the bottom up isn't scary and I really hate when I let a really silly fear stop me doing something I really want to do. Fear is a response that has uses to keep you safe, but safe from knitting?  Never.  All knitting is safe.  I might be in danger of a sweater.  Shocking!

So, when this hat is done, I am going to put some serious effort in on this sweater. But first, before Christmas, I have a one other sweater to complete.  So you know, first after Christmas.  Or something like that.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

A hat is a hat that

is still being knit on.

I was babysitting yesterday and didn't knit when I got home.  I probably should have to get all the knitting completed that I really want done before the holidays but, oh well.  It will come in time.

I love colourwork.  Once you get everything set up and the first few rows done, it flows along in the most wonderful way.  It feels like you barely started a round when the round is complete and you need to learn a new one.

It is a different motif than the one I used last time, from the Norwegian Star Earflap Hat.  This motif fits my stitch count perfectly at 16 stitches per motif, and is from 150 Scandinavian Motifs.

It is a snowflake motif, but is a more rounded flake, rather than a pointy star motif.  Today is spinning day, but I am going to come home straight away after to knit, I think.  I am not sure I am ready for the company of knitters, when following a pattern that needs thinking like this.  And if I do come home and knit the afternoon away, I should be done the colourwork by days end.

I also plan to take some spinning photos today.  I have been meaning to do it for weeks, but I usually forget my camera.  My phone camera has never been the same since the great banana incident of 2016 and I generally don't take my tablet along with me.  Though I might today.  It is usually responsible for the photos these days. Time to talk spinning with pictures!

So, spinning which is always great and lyrical knitting.  You can;t get better than that.

Monday, 20 November 2017

When you finish a hat

You start the next one.

Boy that does not show up very well and I have no time to sort it out.  I did this yesterday and I was a bit concerned that I had knit too much.  My hand was pretty tired and as evening wore on, sore, but this morning, all is well. I won't be doing that much in one sitting again.  Not for a while.

This hat is being knit top down, which is the most sensible way to knit a hat.  You can try it on and know when you have the right number of increases and you know easily if it is long enough.  It's also way easier to know where you need to put the earflaps.  Because this hat is going to be a lot like the hat I knit for my neighbour before the weather went south.

Earflaps are a must and it's going to be lined. 

The yarn is the same Three Irish Girls Felicity that the previously finished ribbed watch cap was knit out of,  and the colourwork on the outside will be in a light gray Mule Spinner from Custom Woollen Mills.  I debated about the inside. 

I love The Mule Spinner and can wear it next to my skin, but a lot of people can't.  Inside, I needed to find a different yarn in place of it. So to go back to my neighbours hat might be just the thing.  I have enough of the Gradient from Schoppel Woolle to do the entire inside.  I've used most of the green sections, but there is a nice turquoise and plenty of the red and creamy white sections left.    I would like the hat to look cohesive inside and out so I am really hoping there is enough gray left to do a few random stripes to keep a connection with the outer hat. It's going to be tight.  Keep your fingers crossed.