Thursday, 26 November 2015

The need

I always wanted to knit because I wanted sweaters.  Not sweaters like I could buy in the store, but something better. Eventually, that became something that fit better than what I could find in the store, but I have always been about the sweaters.

Out of the blue, I got a call yesterday about a job that I applied for back in March.  There is little chance I will get it, I am outside their target group, but it would be so lovely.  It would be only a 5 minute commute which would be the nicest thing about it.  No city driving.  

And the first thing I thought about was Ripstick.  I wish I had paid attention to it so that it was done.  It would be such a great sweater to wear to an interview.  

I will look at it but I don't really expect there is enough time to do all the finishing and I do want the finishing to be right.   I only short change myself, if I shortchange the finishing of a lovely garment.

There is always the lovely Myliu Lino to wear.

With a dark winter shirt underneath.  Perfect.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

A feast of hats

All of them are just so cute!

Isaac will have to wear his without rolling the brim but the others all will be able to roll the brims nicely.  I am very pleased with this kind of cuteness.  Still all cuteness must end, and I am done with knitting them.  Done done done.  

I just wish I was done knitting the blob, but once again, I have managed to avoid it.  I feel very conflicted about this since it is getting quite cold and I sure could use it.  But I take heart that I am learning a lesson on this coat.  


Not too bad for a simple lesson I ought to have learned a long time ago.


It snowed yesterday.  It is supposed to snow. It's winter.  I guess that is normal.

But I don't have to like it.

I will be outside shoveling.  Or something like that.

OK, I haven't tried to shovel yet.  My neighbour did it for me.  He is nuts, if I may be so bold as to say that and I love that about living here.  All these nutty people making me feel cared for.

One of the guys bought a blower last year, just a leaf blower, but he used it to do a whole lot of snow clearing.  My plan is to use one I bought earlier in fall to keep my deck clean and to do the small snows.  I had it all set up to go out and do it, till I was ready to plug it in.  The plug was built up so that it could only be used with a single ended plug.  I had to go out for an appointment, and then came back and did some plastic surgery on the plug end.  Good to go I thought.

I went out to try it.  I was so full of excitement and the feeling that yes I could do this.  I really could take care of the outdoor stuff, or at least some of it. Flipped the power switch and...No power.  No sound.  No blowing.  The outdoor plug is dead. I checked.  I came back inside and plugged the unit into a standard outlet.  Works fine.  Checked the breakers.  All is good.  The plug is really dead.

My get up and go left as fast as it came.  I will sort it out later, after I have coffee.  Because when all the world is falling apart, knitting and coffee are all that keeps me sane.

Monday, 23 November 2015

More hats!

I have one more hat to go here on this hat-a-palozza I have been on.  It will look a lot like this.

I finished this much knit yarn hat on Friday afternoon and will be completing its twin today. They are the same colour and the same monkey topper for my two little boys. My wee boys are both monkeys in their own inimitable ways.

 I finished this hat for Carter on Saturday.  I wasn't going to make but one hat for each of my kiddies, but this one was by special request.  His other Grandma and Pappa liked the way his first Aviator fit and wanted another. How could I not?  It is, just like Cassie's yellow hat, knit out of Inca from Fibranatura with car buttons, not dinosaurs.

Blob knitting continues.  I finished sleeve one and moved on to sleeve two.  I am so excited.  It feels like this project might just end!  It did not get a lot of attention, but enough to get a good start on sleeve two.
 It kind of looks like it is an octopus wrapping its tentacles around a prey doesn't it?

And yes.  Grandpuppy.  They had a lovely pup last year, but the pup got sick and could not be saved.  This pup is not a purebred but a 3 breed cross.  All of her formative breeds are herding dogs and she is going to be a really really good keeper of the kids.  She already guards them when somebody she isn't familiar with comes up the stairs.
I have stolen this picture, quite shamelessly, from my daughter in law.  

I will pay penance, because the next thing on the list is Fern fingerless mittens for her.  I started those last year, but lost confidence in the yarn's colour gradient.  I have chosen a new yarn for them.  I think it will have the lovely lofty cable-ability that the first yarn did, and I am certain of this yarns colours.  All bright clear strong and oh just so lovely.  After hats, I am really looking forward to it!