Tuesday, 22 May 2018

On Changing Bags for Something Different.

I'm with grandkids again today.  Having a  fulfilling knitting life is hard with little kids around.  Sometimes the challenge is bigger than me.  But there are things that are slowly falling into place.  

One of the things I am doing is change out my usual bag for sweater projects (the big ziploc that comes in a box of 5 bags) and I am using one of these. 

This bag is normally full of spinning stuff, but it happened to be sitting empty, right where I needed it to be, to become the perfect solution for sweater knitting on the road.

As a sweater knitting bag, it really is great.  It can fit plenty of yarn in the bottom of the bag, and it can fit the garment unsquished.  I'm thinking these might become regular sweater knitting bags for at home too.

It can also hide grandma's devices from small people who think they should be on devices all the time under all the yarn.  

I know that most people buy or make nice bags for themselves from the many makers online, but my beer bags are a great solution.  The biggest plus is that they are waterproof and are perfect for car camping trips. I never have to worry about things getting damp from dewey grass.  

It is sweater knitting that is getting the knitting time today.  I am now about a third of the way across the back panel.  With a little luck, I will get another full section complete today. 

Monday, 21 May 2018

Ok, That is it. I am Done

Done baby things that is.  

If you have only a couple days off and you really would like to knit a lot (I don't mean a single lot, I mean many many lots.) then decide you are going to knit a baby blanket in a weekend.

I didn't really decide that but it did happen.

I cast on 75 stitches in the Comfort Chunky, and then just knit and after every pattern repeat, did one row of garter stitch in the blue.  I knit all day yesterday, and had 5 of the colour repeats completed before I stopped.  This morning, I did one more, and took stock of the yarn.  I was still on ball one of each of the yellow and white, but I was a little concerned about the blue.  Originally I was going to make this longer with 7 colour repeats, but when I looked at colours, and thought abut the edging, the blue would have been an issue had I continued.  As it was, I couldn't do another full ridge of garter stitch in blue on the outside edge.    I got a really nice 32 x 32 blanket this way and that is good enough for stollers and carseats.

I am pretty pleased with how this quickie blanket worked up (about 12 hours total) and I do hope mommy likes it as much as I do. Berroco Comfort Chunky is a really good acylic and nylon yarn.  It feels really wonderful, dense and deep and perfect for projects like this, where washing and wear and tear are an issue.  Which explains why I have a very stuffed full tub of the stuff.  

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Not out of my system yet.

I finished up the last bit of hats last evening and got up this morning to work on the sweater.  Only I didn't feel like knitting on the sweater.  What to do?  What to do?

Baby knitting is not out of my system yet.

The other day while sorting through yarns for baby things, I pulled out a few stray colours of Berroco Comfort Chunky.  I had yellow and white that I picked up when RCY was selling off the last of the yarn in their stock.  I picked up a single blue at another time from the bottom of the bottom of a discount bin. 

I always thought it would be perfect for kids scarves and little kiddie hats but it just was never the right yarn for my kiddies.  I was never sure it was enough for a baby blanket either.  Turns out 685 metres is.  Or it will be.

It won't be a giant blanket but rather something useful.  It is about 24 inches wide and I am going to knit till the whole is about 32 inches long.  There ought to be enough left to make a small edging, probably garter stitch to keep it all from rolling. As you can see, the plan is to use twice as much white and yellow as blue, so that by the time I am done, I will have almost the same amount left of each, for the edging and between each completely balanced colour section there will be a garter ridge of blue, distinct from the double rows of blue between the yellow at the center of the repeat.  Simple, a little bit playful and making the most of whatever metres I need to make a nice blankie.

Two repeats in almost no time at all this morning,  a pleasing bit of well balanced colour play that is knitting up very quickly.