Tuesday, 9 February 2016

No Three Years

Not Three years but it did take a very very long time.  

And then I got to knit.  I am quite in love.

I am not sure which of these two photos I like best so you get both!  the first was taken with a flash and the second without.  Colours can sometimes change dramatically.

The first shows off the way the two strands of yarn look together most wonderfully, and this second is a bit more the true of the depth of the red, though the photo makes it lean toward orange.  In life it is a real deep deep cherry red.  It really does look just like the yarn the Brooklyn Tweed pattern uses.

I am really enjoying knitting this.  What with one thing and another, I am really busy and the easy stockinette is a pleasure at the end of a day.  And the dainty alpaca is ever a delight.

Good knitting.  Good pattern.  Crossing my fingers for a good result.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Three years.

I have been winding yarn for years.  

Years and years.  

But there are 1400 metres in this Centolavaggi hank and it will be plenty to solve my double stranding issue.  By my best guess I would have been about 600 metres single, short if I tried to double the original yarn.  Plus this yarn is a pure clear black, where the original yarn is a heathered black.  I needed to have enough to do it all. 

I will be here for a while longer.

Just to knit.

I did not do nearly as much knitting as I wanted to do this weekend and yet, I played with wool all weekend.  Sort of.  I am digging in my closets right now, doing a semi monthly cleaning which means all the boxes come out of the closet.  No digging in the boxes, just moving and dusting and vacuuming, but it still is a big job.

Because of tiredness, I opted for simple knitting.  Simple knitting is going to mean socks or at the very least easy stockinette.  I opted for stockinette.

It doesn't look like much right now, but this is the proto Agnes sweater, from Brooklyn Tweed.

Its really just a simple t shirt styled garment so knitting is simple.  Just some basic shaping and a lot of stockinette.  I am just about to start the black section for the back and once the back is to the base of the sleeves, I will be knitting the front to the base of the sleeves before continuing on the long swath of body.  

It's not as interesting as knitting the wrap. This isn't a super stimulating pattern, but sometimes you need stimulating and all encompassing and sometimes you just need to knit.

I guess that is what I needed.  Just to knit.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Funny Things

Scarves are funny things.  You knit and you  knit and you work and work and it starts to feel endless, and then all of a sudden you realize how long it is, and that you are probably done.

One orange scarf.  Done.

No fringe at the end.  i don't think he will miss it, but I am going to call him and check.