Monday, 27 June 2016

Gosh Darn It

You know how sometime, a yarn is in your stash and it's a kind of a favourite so you pet it and don't knit it. It is always out for kntting, always high on the list, but you never get there. 

Well, this ball was one of mine.

Every time I gathered yarns to keep on top of the pile for quick access to knit, this ball was there for me.  But each and every time, it was the one that did not get knit.

Last evening while waiting for a foot size for these socks

 (the receiver has a size 10 foot so I have been told)  I sat there, desperately needing something to do, and needed to keep avoiding that shawl.  Sp I picked up what was once again to the top of the pile and I just dug in.

And got the surprise of my life.

There is a gray and blue section.  A soft blue and a wee bit of navy too.  I was so busy being distracted by the wonderful combination of turquoise and purple that I never, in all the years I played with this yarn, that I never saw its soft gray heart.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

We are renovating

As I said before, we are renovating.

What was once a really great tv room, with no window and a study, also with no window, is now just one big open unfinished space. And, when we are done, there will be new windows and 2 more bedrooms.

It's like going back in time in a way.  We are putting it back to where it was when we came here. We made it work for the two of us, but that doesn't mean it would work for anybody else. One of the comments when we had it up for sale previously, was that about bedrooms.  We only had three.  Now we will have 5, more than when we came, because we made one in an unfinished area.

We are going to continue using them for a playroom for the kids and a study, but it will be easy to see what they can be even for the most challenged imaginations.

For me, this is all so bittersweet.  It is how it has to be.  I cannot afford to maintain it and I was ready to move on to the next phase of life, retirement, before that awful summer.  Still, we are in what remains in my memory, as the 10 good days, and I find this is all permeated with a touch of loss and sorrow.

All Mr. Needles handiwork is gone.  His study is obliterated.  The room where I can still see him sleeping in his chair, in front of the tv is completely absent.  He loved those 2 rooms.  They were his.

He would be so proud. His boys are doing it all, especially his no. 1 son.  He would be so proud.  They are tackling a pretty big job and are doing it well.  And that makes me a little bit sad too.  He cannot see the men his boys have become.  I will be proud for him.

I really am.

Friday, 24 June 2016

When was Thursday?

My calendar says this is Friday, but what I would like to know is what happened to Thursday.  I am pretty sure when I went to bed, that it was Wednesday.  I am so lost in my days.

But it seems it is Friday. 

I may have sorted out the problem on the lace on my Waiting for Rain shawl.  The charts don't quite reflect what needs to happen.  The charts show one stitch less at each end of every row.  What needs to happen is that you work 2 stitches less at the end of each wrong side row. 

It refers to this in notes above the chart.  My complaint is that a chart should show what happens in each row, accurately, rather than being charted to maintain a certain angle of display.  

I will knit this blessed shawl.  It is such a lovely thing, but the pattern is going to get a poorer rating from me because of the way it is organized on paper, and for a chart that is only 'mostly related' to what you are supposed to do.

I'm not grumpy about it today.  I can work forward now, so I am good.  But I sure was grumpy about it yesterday.