Friday, 2 October 2015

Socks Have Taken Over the Knitting

Socks seem to have taken over the knitting.  Not that that should surprise anyone if they have read much of this blog at all.  There is always sock knitting happening because it is the perfect pick me up in between long slogs on any other project.  Also, because I like warm feet.

Sock one of my current obsession is complete.

 The sock is designed for an afterthought heel and I will do the heels on both socks at the same time. The toe for the second sock is on the list of things I need to do today.  The basic pattern is the Geek Socks from

I meet a surprising number of people who don't know Knitty yet, and really, if you have never been there, I do encourage you to have a look.  Knitty is the boss!

However, what with all the dolly stuff, my eyes were completely done in by the end of the day and I was in bed before 8 pm. Which means that I was wide awake at 2:30.

I know that when this used to happen, I would get up and read.  Now days, I knit.  I grabbed my purse knitting and worked till I was sleepy again.

That tiny 'seam' line is the point where I change yarns on each round.  You can also see it isn't quite perfection.  The extra yarn on some of those stitches will be spread across the row before these are worn.  It has also just occurred to me, as I look at this picture, that it's time to see how long it is.  Might be heel time.  Or just past.  I hope not past.  I hate when that happens.  I was planning a short row heel in the charcoal, but I suppose I could work an afterthought here as well.  This sock is the Broken Seed Stitch Sock, found via Ravelry.

I really enjoy this one too.  There is a great rhythm to knitting it.  One round plain, next has the stitch pattern and so one over a 4 row repeat.  I came across this pattern on the Monstersocks forum, where in people are trying to use all the little bits of sock yarns left after a pair of socks.  It would be a great pattern for that, but its wonderful for anything where you have two strong contrasting colours.  That is my one wee small failing here.  That the dark is not crisp black but rather a charcoal dark gray and leads to places where the contrast is not quite so strong as I had hoped.  Oh well. Lesson learned.    It still makes a darn pretty sock.

And then finally, the eye tiring thing de jour...dolly!

I love doing this for Kasia, but I am going to be glad when it is done.  Making something small, does not change what you do on a collar or sleeves.  Its takes almost as long as sewing a shirt for me!  I have one more quick pair of pants and a couple pairs of panties/ bloomers to do today.  Or maybe a onsie.  I haven't quite decided.

Anyway, onward ho!

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

I chucked it all

to KNIT!

But I did keep working on the dolly project.

Just a nice plain raglan sleeve sweater knit without a pattern.  I used a nice stretchy (really stretchy) slip knot cast on so the neckline would fit over all the dollies heads and it is a little loose on this dolly but Cassie has one just a bit bigger.  

As you can see, the pants also turned out nicely.  Again, they are a bit loose around the waist, but the magic of all the elastic means its will fit every doll at Cassie's house.  

All the doll clothes patterns I am using come from a book that has lived on my bookshelf for a long time, The Dolls' Dressmaker by Venus Dodge.  The last print date in my book is 1999.  I doubt I got it that long ago, but probably very early in the 2000's. Sadly, the early 2000's is getting to be a long time ago.  Sigh.

 It has basic patterns for dolls from 14 inches to 25 inches and goes into great detail about how to adjust and use the patterns
  for every kind of doll clothing from very modern to the old fashioned kind you find on china dolls.
It even has knitting and crochet patterns, though I don't need these at all.

I'm glad the day is done, though.  It took far longer than I thought it should have to knit the little thing.  It's would fit a very tiny baby, though and I guess getting it in a day is just fine.  The sewing happened after dinner which was a learning experience.  I cannot see well enough in this light to thread the needle.  It was a challenge.  It shouldn't surprise me, but it does.

Anyway, more sewing for tomorrow.  I was a little worried, but now that the pants are done, and I know how the basic pattern fits, I can move a little more confidently.  And at the end of the day, that lovely sock knitting to look forward to.

 Just a quick peek to keep our spirits up.

And so on

When last I left the sewing corner and the organizing binge, I was in want of organizing the bits and pieces of sewing life so the desk had room for cutting and trimming of dolly sized things.  Pintrest lived up to it's hype and worked for me.  

It showed me to all the ways to use a back of the door shoe storage organizer.  Its pretty much ideal for my sewing corner.  I was going to sew it with fabric I already have but a trip to the dollar store showed that sometimes, purchasing is the smart route.  $3 and well worth it. 

 It's hung on the back of the wool room door.  When it isn't in use, the busy look of it is gone inside the wool room, but when I need it, I open the door and everything is in reach from my chair.  My shelf and desk are no longer cluttered with boxes plus I found out a few revealing things about my accumulated sewing stuff.
 I could used another spool or two of black thread and
I never ever have to buy elastic of any kind again.  I think I have an entire stores stash of elastic!

All that tidying of the sewing corner did lead to more than curtain sewing.  This sewing is kind of where I was heading when I started this!

  My sweet Cassie's 3rd birthday is tomorrow and she is of the age where her play is changing from a toddler's play to imagination play.  Dolly diapers and blankets and some dolly clothes are in order.  I am making them to fit all her dolls, so I haven't finished the details on the blouses and pants and dresses, but I am very pleased with these.  I have a dolly sweater to knit, some pants to sew, a skirt and a blouse to finish. Thankfully Saturday is her party so I have time!

I had to go out and find some velcro without the sticky back (the sticky back stuff I had is un-sew-able.  I found out the hard way.) and while I was out, came across these.
The yarn store had them a month ago but I did not make it in till one lone kit remained.  The fabric store had some so Christmas shopping has officially begun. One sunny lion, two little monkeys and one soccer ball for the big guy.

Another thing to note is that the Fabricland closest to me is also carrying leather and canvas purse handles and bag bottoms.  They are not cheap, but they are there.  It is so nice to have a local source.  

There is a busy day ahead, and a lot of little sewing piled and waiting. I will get that done, but what I am really looking forward to is the dolly knitting.  I am also looking forward to a nice long day of just knitting my regular stuff even if that day is way on the far side of Sunday.  

Monday, 28 September 2015

When I fall in love

This song has been running through my head so much the last two days.  I hope it plays for you.  Nat King Cole and 'When I Fall in Love'

After playing with fabric Sunday, I started working on a new pair of socks.  I thought I would just get started on the toe, maybe do a couple rounds to get really started and then go to bed.  It was getting rather late after all.  (9:30)  And then something happened. 

I could not put it down.

I knit till very late and was into that second pink section.  I swear that time stood still.  It was that hypnotic.

Anybody who knits stripes or two row scarf things knows what can happen, but this is a whole other level of whatever the heck happens with striped.  

Its my first go round with the Geek Socks  from  I say first go round because there will be more.  Oh yes.  Lots and lots more.  This is a pattern that you could knit just for fun a hundred times and it would never get bored.  

The yarn I am using here is just a simple striping ball of Jawoll Colour.

 You see those nice crisp rows of yarn?  That is the secret to these socks.  Sort of.  

If you go back and look at my sock, you will see some very subtle colour things happening.  What looks like a wide band of yellow on the ball band sock is two slightly different yellows.  The brown and purpley burgundy is also very close.  As you can see, I missed the first colour change.  

Part of why these look so seriously fine is that the stripes are so even.  You would get an entirely different look if you knit these in a yarn where the stripe width varied.  It still would be great but right now, I love this.

It got hypnotic again when I worked on it today.  I swear it wasn't long.  My coffee never got cold or at least I don't think so. My spaghetti squash is really well baked.  Edible though, thankfully, so it had to be at least a couple of hours!

The yarn and the pattern with this music, might strike you as two different ends of the spectrum, and in some ways, I suppose they are.  The yarn is very trendy right now with its hot vibrant green and pink.  Peppy and hot and full of incredible energy.  The music is slow and a gem out of time.  Oh so mellow and slow.  But when you fall in love, those ends of the spectrum don't matter.  Love is the only thing that does.

And I love knitting these socks.  

First Things First

It was a very busy weekend, as you can tell by Saturdays post.  Very busy.

I knit a bunch on Saturday and then did some other stuff.  I will show you these things later, but right now, I want to show my victory of the weekend.

I started these socks in July, so to you, it seems like they have been around forever, but to me, I hardly worked on them at all.  I finished a couple other socks between now and then, including whole pairs of socks.  

These really nice Jawoll Cotton Jacquard socks were my bag knitting, my take along knitting, my stitch night work, and slowly they happened.  I have been dreaming of other socks, and have several ideas of what will happen next so keep your eyes peeled for something brilliant in a sock.  

Long live the socks.  Or

"When a fox is in the bottle where the tweetle beetles battle with their paddles in a puddle on a noodle-eating poodle, THIS is what they call...a tweetle beetle noodle poodle bottled paddled muddled duddled fuddled wuddled fox in socks, sir!"  (From 'Fox in Socks' Dr. Suess