Thursday, 2 July 2015

Beginning Joy

The quilting has begun. 

I don't know how anyone could bear to send this step out to have a machine do it.

How could you bear handing off the puffing to a stranger?  Or a machine?

I've quilted before.  Simple things.  I made quilts for the boys a couple time through the years, because even my amateurish work was better than store bought quilts in the late 80's.  That was the era of the tricot blankie.  The outer fabric fell apart after a few years and the batting?  What batting? I quilted because no matter how bad I did, I knew the boys would be warm.  They were not pieced work, and the quilting designs came from the patterns on the fabric. Simple, simple blankets.

What I don't ever remember is getting this kind of thrill before.  A lot of it has to do with the ability to take my time.  There isn't any rush to get this done till it gets cold in the fall.  Let's say late September.  I can think while I sew and contemplate all manner of things. 

If you don't look closely, this looks fantastic.  You do have to look past the uneven stitches and past the way that the one pink section doesn't quite make it to the blue like it ought to. It is my secret affair of 20 years and  I am having the most amazing love in with this quilt.

This is square one of row one of 64 squares.  This is also the easy square where the work to be done is laid out right in front of me.  I completely expect that by the time all 8 of the pieced squares and 8 plain squares of the first two rows are all stitched and done, that I will rue the day I thought I should do a quilt this complex by hand and will be dreaming that I had a long arm machine to do it on. 

Yeah, I am pretty sure that the day will come where all the quilting and hand stitching is going to be driving me batty but for now, for just this moment in time, I absolutely love what I am doing.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

All things considered

It's funny how just a bit of knitting here and there for a few days in a row, can get big project off the needles.

I still have a crochet edging to do around the fronts and the ties to do, but the knitting is done!  No particular pattern, but inspired by all the crossover front sweaters that were being knit a few years ago.  Its a classic shape that works nicely for me. 

I started this in May of 2013.  Two years and a thousand lifetimes ago. I cried a little when I realised that.  It was started just before everything began.  Days, by my reckoning. I think I must have begun it when Brian was out fishing with his dad and his brothers.  I had hoped to have it finished for a niece's wedding in late July, but by late July...well, that is a story already told. 

I'm pretty pleased.  Its a good piece that will fit with my entire wardrobe, dressy enough closed but laid back and just the right kind of casual open. 

I think the next up is going to be a Lipstick from  Joji Locatelli.  I am not 100 % set on the yarn choice yet.  There is a lovely rich red Ultra Alpaca and there is also a deep forest dark Mission Falls 1824 Wool .  There are numerous other possible yarns in my stash that would look lovely in this pattern, some Madelintosh Tosh DK, Some Elann Sierra Aran.  There are several possibilities of Cascade 220 and to top it off, there is at least one really good choice for it in the cottons bin.  maybe two.

I have finished a project, I have the next in  the planning stage, I have little things to knit on, and I have that quilt to quilt (started that today, but that will be a post for another day) so there is no reason to rush.   

All things considered, its pretty darn good,

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Back up and running!

All the computers are now back in service, My bedroom is moved around and cleaned, well, almost.  I have to get the vacuum out and do that yet, but that computer fella?  he is so good he restored the camera thing too!

The computer fella masquerades as son 2 and he really did a masterful job.  I was not looking forward to going to find a Microsoft store and now I don't have to.

There was even a little knitting!

All the sorting out I did the other day worked perfectly (translates as I didn't find any more problems...yet) and the knitting is just flying along.  Flying as in takes forever and an hour to knit one round.

Inside my head, lurks the thought that there is no way this is going to go over my shoulders.  My more logical self accepts that if it takes almost an hour to do a round, there are eleventy billion stitches and with eleventy billion stitches, it is going to fit.  Logical me really ought to win this one.

Also a day wherein I am a little bit sad, but I won't whine, because I get them here all the time. 

My little seasoned traveler is on her way with mommie and with her little brother to go visit Grandma Ludmila and Grandpa Ilya and Great Grandma.  Mommie has very cleverly made sure the wee ones were tired and are ready to sleep, so that once the plane is on its way, the kiddies fall asleep.  With a little luck, my two very sound sleepers will sleep all the way to Amsterdam. 

Fly safe my sweet three.  I can't wait for Kiev photos!
I have one small problem that has been plaguing me this morning.  I have nothing much to write about.  I didn't knit at all yesterday.  And I am going to clean today and a little later my computer guy is coming over and I promised to cook for him in return.  It is also the first day in almost a week that it is cool enough to do things like laundry that add heat to a home.  So yeah.  Its time.  It's not that bad really, just the ordinary mess of one person who a spent the better part of a week under a very large quilt.

There will be quilting in the days ahead.  There will be knitting.,  There might even be spinning because the spinning wheels are moving to the living room to make space to sit and quilt.  They will go back on ce the quilt frame is down. 

Anyway, that is it for me today.  I will squeak a little knitting in somewhere through the day.  ?there is always time for a little knitting, somewhere.